CUUNA Newsletter Week 3 (30 Jan 2014)

CUUNA Debating Session 3: Historical Security Council (Breakup of Yugoslavia)

Date: Mon 3 Feb @ 7pm

Venue: Munby Room, King’s College

I hope that as many people as possible can make it to this debate, which promises to be different from a regular debating session in that it’s on a historical topic – not an uncommon occurrence at conferences. The topic in this case is the breakup of Yugoslavia, particularly in relation to the war in Bosnia between 1992-1996.

For preparation, it would be best to assume that this session would (hypothetically) be taking place soon after the Srebrenica massacres but before talks commence for the Dayton agreement. I’ll get a resolution out to you all on Saturday morning – it’ll either be an original one or a modified version of one of the resolutions which the SC passed on the issue in 1995.We look forward to seeing you there!



If you are interested in a career with the UN, the Foreign Office, Journalism or are simply passionate about international affairs, writing for our magazine might represent the perfect starting point.

Any article (of maximum 1500 words) related to the work of the UN, UN Policy, The UNA-UK or MUNs would be greatly welcomed and incorporated into the magazine. In this context, I would kindly invite you to get in touch with Jia Wei (jw696) , the magazine’s editor.


CUUNA Formal Hall @ Emmanuel College

Date: Thurs 20 Feb

Emmanuel College has the strong reputation of having some of the best formals in Cambridge. I could go on and speak about the food quality, the awards won by the Emma chefs and many other things, but I will keep it short: Guests never leave an Emma formal disappointed!

This being said, come along with the CUUNA committee at our Event which will take place on the 20th of February. You will have the chance to socialize and get to know other members in addition to enjoying a wonderful evening in the friendly dining hall of the Emmanuel College. The cost is £15.25 and the number of available places is limited (20), so please e-mail me (ab2076) as soon as possible.


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