CUUNA Newsletter Week 4 (2 Nov 2014)

Dear all,

Elections are coming up on the 24th of November. This means a new dawn, a new era and obviously a new CUUNA Committee. If you are interested in being part of the CUUNA family please write a manifesto and get in touch with us on Facebook or e-mail me at I have attached our CUUNA Constitution which describes all the available roles and their afferent responsibilities.

I would like to recommend you these opportunities because they will develop your management skills and make you an effective team player. It is also worth mentioning that such an experience will look absolutely fantastic on your CV regardless of what you’re studying. I’m an engineer and I can say that employers have looked very well at what I did as CUUNA President.

Last but not least, it is worth mentioning that you will make friends for life from across colleges in Cambridge that you will end up considering as family like. This being said, please do get in touch!

Alexandru Boţu

CUUNA President


Working for the UN

CUUNA has managed to secure an event where you will have the opportunity to find out what it is really like to work for the UN and ask questions. Our guests are:

UN: John Ericson, Chief of the Outreach Unit in the Office of Human Resources Management of the United Nations Secretariat in New York. He will present an overview of the UN, what the UN is looking for and ways to get into the UN.

UNICEF: Mr Antonio Brusa is a chief of Mobility and Staffing and Mr Steven Allen is a former director of Human Resources. They will present an overview of UNICEF as an organisation, what they look for in employees and the various roles and schemes that you might apply for now and in the future.

The event is free for for all and represents our Society’s biggest career event of the year so please make sure to join our Facebook event page.


CUIMUN XX Press Team Recruitment

Would you like to be part of CUIMUN XX Press Team? From 28-30 Nov 2014, we will be reporting on the committee sessions throughout Cambridge and compiling a newsletter for our participants. If you are interested in joining the CUIMUN family, please email

Joey Lim

CUUNA Vice-President