“The main goal of CUUNA is to show students the importance of the UN and introducing them to the many ways they can make a difference”

The Cambridge United Nations Association (CUUNA) is a membership-based society led by students from Cambridge University, independent from the United Nations (UN). CUUNA was founded in May 2006.

CUUNA aimes at educating students in the ideals of the UN, involving as many of them as possible in Model United Nations (MUN). We hope to raise awareness of, and interest in, international affairs and political incidents.

CUUNA tries to involve students in the ideals of the UN by:

  • Organizing debating sessions
  • Organizing delegate training
  • Organizing speaker events
  • Sending delegates to conferences throughout the world
  • Organizing CUIMUN

There are over 100 national UNAs connecting hundreds of thousands of people all around the world to the UN. The UNA of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (UNA-UK) is the leading independent authority on the UN in the UK. Independence of the UN system allows us to be critical of its decisions and activities when appropriate. One of the major aims of UNA-UK is to promote multilateralism and adherence to international law through 4 policy programmes:

  • The implementation of the Millennium Development Goals
  • Peace, security and disarmament
  • Human rights and humanitarian affairs
  • UN reform