Current CUUNA Executive Committee



Charles Bonfils-Duclos


I’m Charles, a second year HSPS student and Acting President CUUNA. My MUN experience started when I was at middle school and since then I literally grew up as part of the MUN family. From delegate, to chair, to member of a secretariat for the organisation of a conference, I eventually became Secretary General and now President of our MUN association.

The art of being a good delegate is not easy to master which is why MUN usually requires quite a bit of time before you fully enjoy it. It is sometimes frustrating to see that your resolution did not pass or that other delegates do not play the game as you would like them to, but that’s part of the MUN experience as well: dealing with the unexpected as best as you can.

It forces us to be adaptable in all circumstances whilst maintaining your country’s positions. Of course, presented that way it seems rather contradictory, but it is in fact one of the most applicable exercises we can use in our daily lives.


Vice President

Paula Stuurman


My name is Paula Stuurman and I am the ingoing vice-president of CUUNA. I am a fresher at Peterhouse and study Asian and Middle Eastern Studies with Persian and Arabic. I have been involved in MUN for about 4 years. My school organized the second largest conference in The Netherlands, in which I have participated twice. I have attended two other MUN conferences. I have had the opportunity to attend a chairing course organized by the Leiden Model United Nations organization. Since then I have been asked to chair several serious mock-debates in preparation for THIMUN and mock-debates for delegate training. Knowing a lot of the LEMUN staff, I have been closely involved in delegate training, and enjoyed working with first time delegates very much. Besides my experiences in MUN, I have been a tutor at my former school, which allowed me to improve my organizing skills significantly. I hope that we will be able to interest many of you in MUN, and hope to see you around at debates, events or conferences!


Secretary-General CUIMUN XXI

Rory Copeland


My name is Rory Copeland, and I am Secretary General of the Cambridge University International Model United Nations Conference in 2015 (CUIMUN XXI). I’m a first year lawyer at Girton College. At thirteen years old, I first participated in Model United Nations at my school, Methodist College Belfast. I was instantly hooked, and have been a delegate, chairperson and Secretary General at numerous conferences since. My experience of MUN has given me countless opportunities to learn about the problems facing humanity and our planet and, more importantly, it has shown me that a solution always exists. My aim as Secretary General of CUIMUN XXI is to give the delegates attending the conference the chance to face these challenges in simulation so that they can overcome them reality.
Aside from MUN, I sing in my College Chapel Choir, play a bit of squash and campaign for the better treatment of ginger-haired people.



Meenakkhi Bhattacharyya

Meenakkhi photo for cunna webpage

My name is Meenakkhi Bhattacharyya and I am currently a second year Classics student at Trinity College. As Treasurer of CUUNA this year, I am very excited about working with this year’s committee to provide a thrilling year for the society! Having only had MUN experience in small-level school conference, the world of University level MUN has been extremely exhilarating. This year, I was very privileged to be a part of the Secretariat for the twentieth session of CUIMUN, our very own MUN conference, which was an excellent opportunity to get involved.

I am looking forward to helping facilitate the exciting weekly debating sessions and interesting speaker events. The Cambridge University United Nations Association is an extremely worthwhile which adds a unique extra-curricular dimension to our day-to-day academic existence, especially through organising delegations to other MUN conferences. The United Nations plays such a pivotal role in world affairs today, and as a body of students, hoping to shape the global future, it is vital that we understand the organisation, its ethos and its role in contemporary society. This association works by creating an attractive and participatory environment, which allows us to enthusiastically contribute and perform and shapes our understanding of the United Nations.


Socials Events Officer

Nicole Pauline Prieto

Nicole-social sec (1)

My name is Nicole Pauline Prieto, I am a Filipina and I am currently taking up my Master’s in Educational Research. My work in the Philippines was mostly based in healthcare in underprivileged settings and in the academe, and I intend to pursue a career in development studies and international relations which I will transition to through my education here in Cambridge. I decided to join the CUUNA committee despite my lack of previous experience in MUN as I believe that it provides everyone with a fantastic avenue to share thoughts, become critical and analytical about politics and society, and gain a wider perspective on current worldwide issues.

As a newbie in the MUN style of debating, I believe that joining CUUNA is a very unintimidating platform to become familiarised with this approach to understanding pertinent global matters. The organisation really tries to provide a welcoming community to students who are interested in joining and learning from their peers who have more MUN experience, and it is an amazing arena to find new friends who share the same passions.

I am definitely excited for the year ahead as being part of CUUNA provides everyone with opportunities to participate in University-based debates and external conferences, which allows us to interact with students from different cities and institutions. Getting involved in CUUNA and MUN is one of many worthwhile ways to become more in-touch with the world around us while we are at Uni, and it provides everyone with amazing opportunities to discover interests and generate informed opinions on matters that concern our generation.


Campaigns’ Officer

Cassien Hugot


Hi! I am Cassien, a first year law student at Girton. I had my first MUN experience a few years ago with my school. Along with older students, my English teacher had organised a small MUN conference for English learners in the school. This is how I discovered all the fun and the countless benefits of MUN which I will not attempt to list here for fear of repelling those who will be reading this text. From this time, my enthusiasm for these gifts of providence lead me to participate in quite a few informal conferences as well as properly big ones such as PAMUN. I even tried Harvard Model Congress which I liked too.


Publicity Officer

Jantine Broek


My name is Jantine and I’m a 3rd year PhD-student at the Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology, specializing in Neurosciences. I am the Publicity Officer of CUUNA. In this way, I can participate in this wonderful organisation by promoting its activities and enthuse people for joining fun, educational and challenging debates about world issues.

I am a member of CUUNA for three years now and in my opinion CUUNA is a brilliant way to get familiar with the debating style of the UN. CUUNA gives the opportunity to actively think and debate about current world issues and broadens one’s view of different subjects. The UN itself is constantly in the process of getting multiple perspectives on issues that leads to decision-making in world affairs. Knowing how this process works and why certain decisions are made is key for getting your head around these issues and CUUNA is a brilliant platform that gives you the opportunity to understand this UN process.


Secretaries to the President

Laura Schubert


I’m a first year HSPS student studying at Emmanuel College, and an am very excited about this coming year with CUUNA. I got involved with MUN at college, and went to 4 conferences in the South West of the UK with Exeter College. In 2014, I helped to organise the college’s first conference as part of the logistics team, which was exhilarating and fun. My first University level conference, OxIMUN was eye-opening, really worthwhile and extremely fun. I love MUN and can recommend to anyone to just have a go. The more you join in and just DO IT, the more fun it is.

Doing MUN really enabled me to explore in an interactive way what the UN actually does, and how it’s built up. As Secretary to the President I hope to support CUUNA in reaching out to people interested in the UN and its actions, as well as people wishing to participate in or try out MUN. I feel that it is important for people to know about the UN, and it is our aim to facilitate this, and show people what an interesting and complicated organisation it is, and what an important role it plays in our world and in each of our lives.


Secretaries to the President

Vanessa Gatward

Vanessa photo for cuuna website

I am a second year Psychological and Behavioural Sciences (PBS) student at Queens’ college. Unfortunately, my college did not offer an MUN society, so I had not attended an MUN conference before University. I started MUN as soon as I arrived at University as I really like debating and the preferred the format of the MUN debates. I then went to LIMUN in 2014, representing Iraq in the Office of Drugs and Crime (ODC), and really enjoyed the experience. This photo of me was taken before the first session of debating at the event. I am now the secretary to the President, I hope to push for CUUNA to be well promoted and to attract many new members regardless of prior experience. I think this team will work together and already has some creative ideas to improve the association. I believe the year will be exciting for all and strongly encourage everyone to actively engage in the society as it is really fulfilling. It is also a nice way of meeting other students, I have met some great people through CUUNA and CUIMUN.