Who we are

CUUNA aims to spread the spirit of the United Nations (UN) within the University of Cambridge and youth in the local community by promoting a greater understanding of the roles, functions and potential of the UN, its Charter and its agencies with special attention to the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). This will provide a means to raise awareness of international affairs. Furthermore by serving as a forum for youth and students to network, socialise and explore these issues, it will be uniquely placed to provide numerous opportunities:

  • To meet with UN personnel and other distinguished speakers
  • To participate in campaigns, charity events and academic trips
  • To participate in Model UN and other events organised by external organistions that are linked to the objectives of CUUNA
  • To obtain assistance with internships and future career paths

We genuinely believe your partnership would afford an excellent opportunity for students and society to better recognize your company as an active member in promoting higher education, a broad outlook in international affairs and intellectual development. Not only would your firm serve as the basis for a new voice on what our research proves is a tremendously popular area of close and contemporary interest amongst students and staff alike, but your kind sponsorship would also entitle you to the most prestigious title of ‘Sole Establishment Partner & Sponsor’ of CUUNA.

How we can help

The details of our prestigious promotion packages are available upon request. To briefly summarise, we would like to note that the possibilities truly are endless – from permanent titles to logo, link and advertisements on all emails, our website, magazine (the A3 centre spread), term cards, clothing merchandise and all our events and publicity for such events (including one at the University’s Societies’ Fair, attended by more than 11,000 students last year) as well as exclusive workshops, speaker evenings, distribution opportunities, invitations to write and numerous other opportunities too.

What next?

Our packages are flexible and we would be delighted to hear of any and all other means through which CUUNA could be of assistance to your firm. Please do not hesitate to contact our Treasurer (mb976@cam.ac.uk) for more information.