LENT 2020


Alex Eaton and Jasmine Hull

Presidents of CUUNA & Secretaries-General of CUIMUN XXVI

Alex is a third-year PhD student studying Physics, while Jazz is a finalist reading the Natural Sciences Tripos. Together they share the leadership positions of both the Association and CUUNA's flagship university-level conference, CUIMUN, which is Europe's first and hence longest-running Model United Nations Conference.


Alex and Jazz can be contacted via president@cuuna.org in their Presidential capacity and via secgen@cuuna.org in their capacity as Secretaries-General.

Vice-President External

Rakoen is a third-year psychology PhD student at Downing College. In his role as Vice-President External he presents CUUNA to the outer world.


As Vice-President of External Affairs, the focus of Rakoen is the founding of the UNA-UK Youth Platform by bringing together Youth UNAs across the country to collaborate on the establishment of the UN Youth Delegate Programme in the United Kingdom. He also hopes to give CUUNA the reputation of the leading UNA in the UK, establishing and strengthening partnerships outside of Cambridge.

Rakoen can be contacted via vp-ex@cuuna.org

Rakoen Maertens

Vice-President Internal

Phoebe is a third-year undergraduate Historian at Jesus College. Last year, she served as General Secretary for CUUNA and Conference Manager on the CUIMUN-HS Secretariat. She has attended many MUN conferences, such as ScotMUN 2019 in Edinburgh, Harvard WorldMUN in Madrid, and CUIMUN XXV. Outside of MUN, her life is consumed by Ultimate Frisbee. She looks forward to organizing upcoming socials and making sure the society is as much fun as possible!

Phoebe can be contacted via vp-in@cuuna.org

Phoebe McDonnell


Simon is a second-year undergraduate Law student at Robinson College. Having been heavily involved in Model United Nations and Model European Parliament at high school level, and serving as the President of the General Assembly at his last international MEP conference, he became involved with CUUNA in his first term at Cambridge and took on the role as Deputy Secretary-General of the Cambridge University International Model United Nations conference of 2020. His goal is to help make CUIMUN 2020 one of the best, most memorable, and highest quality conferences on the global MUN circuit.

As CO-VP internal, he wants to extend the social scene of the society through a broader range of both small and big events throughout the year. Ultimately, he wants to make it both easier and more engaging to be an active member of CUUNA!

Simon can be contacted via vp-in@cuuna.org in his capacity as Vice-President of CUUNA, and via dep-secgen@cuimun.org in his capacity as Deputy Secretary-General of CUIMUN.

Simon Ulvsgaard

Vice-President Internal & Deputy Secretary-General of CUIMUN XXVI

Zachary Marsh

Junior Treasurer

Zachary is a third-year undergraduate historian at Robinson College. He is CUUNA’s treasurer, responsible for budgeting and keeping the society finances in order. Zachary is excited for another term on CUUNA’s committee and is looking forward to expanding funding for speakers and socials and subsidizing delegate fees to make conferences more accessible. Zachary started MUN at high school and is now in his sixth year of attending conferences.

Zach can be contacted via treasurer@cuuna.org


Emily is a second-year MML student at Magdalene. She is the General Secretary of CUUNA (the one who sends you emails!) and she is incredibly excited to be getting involved in CUUNA! She is particularly interested in the work of the United Nations, especially in relation to the SDGs, which she believes are extremely important! She is really looking forward to keeping you all updated on our events and helping to expand the society!

Emily can be contacted via secretary@cuuna.org

Emily Wallis

General Secretary

Tom Williamson

Publicity Officer

Tom is a second-year Law Student at St Johns’ College and is the Publicity Officer for CUUNA. He has been involved in MUN and EYP since 2017 and has enjoyed continuing UN-related activities into Cambridge. As Publicity officer, he hopes to increase the footprint of the society across the University through on and offline publicity and to work with the rest of the ExCo to promote CUUNA’s goals and events.


Peter is a third-year undergraduate Classics student at Emmanuel College and is one of our three Debates & External Conferences Officers. Along with Giorgi and James, he organizes and runs our weekly debates, as well as helping to prepare new members for future external MUN conferences. The debates will be on a range of topics relating to current affairs and topical international issues, and he hopes to make them as enjoyable as possible.

Peter can be contacted via debates@cuuna.org

Debates & External Conferences Officer

Peter Mumford


James can be contacted via conferences@cuuna.org

James Combe

Debates & External Conferences Officer

Giorgi Melia

Debates & External Conferences Officer

Giorgi is a second-year undergraduate natural sciences student at Corpus Christi College. He is one of three Debates and External conferences officers. Along with Peter and James, he organizes and prepares weekly debates as well as helping prepare new members for future external MUN conferences. He works to make debates as inclusive, informative, and enjoyable as possible with topics relating to current affairs and international relations.

Giorgi can be contacted via debates@cuuna.org


Samuel is a third-year student of Modern and Medieval Languages (French, German, Polish) at Downing College. He became involved with CUUNA through serving as a delegate at OXIMUN 2019 and CUIMUN 2019. As Speakers Officer, Samuel is particularly interested in organizing events on diplomacy in an uncertain world and current European issues.

Sam can be contacted via speakers@cuuna.org

Speakers Officer

Samuel Crooks


Anna Nasybian

Speakers Officer

Coming soon...

CUIMUN-HS Secretary General

Flora is a second-year undergraduate student studying Human, Social and Political Sciences at Murray Edwards College. She has been involved in MUN since 2014 and has attended conferences across the UK and in Europe.

She is the Secretary-General for CUIMUN-HS 2020 and is excited to build on the success of the 2019 conference to create the best possible delegate experience. 

Flora can be contacted via secretariat@cuimunhs.org

Flora Thurston

CUIMUN-HS Deputy Secretary General

Anna Vassiliades

Anna is a third-year undergraduate Geographer at Jesus College. She is Deputy Secretary-General of CUIMUN-HS, having served as Events and Access Officer last year. She is excited to bring Model UN to high school students and help raise awareness and expand knowledge of global affairs.