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CUUNA Delegation at Harvard WorldMUN 2019

The CUUNA Delegation at Harvard WorldMUN 2019. Photo Credits: Christopher Shim

The CUUNA Society sent a delegation to Harvard WorldMUN 2019, which was hosted at the Palacio de Congresos in Madrid from March 18-22, 2019. One of the world’s largest and most prestigious MUN conferences, Harvard WorldMUN is often dubbed the “Olympics of MUN” due to its diversity and regular attendance of around 2000+ delegates. Topics debated at this conference ranged from “Secessionist States” in the SPECPOL committee to “Health Effects of Genetically Modified Foods” in the WHO committee.

The CUUNA delegation consisted of Christopher Shim leading the delegation as Head Delegate, Alexander Eaton, Jasmine Hull, Phoebe McDonnell, Belinda Ng, Jess Ma, Megan Cousins, Daniel MacKinnon, and Zhanna Levitina. It was a privilege for our delegation to represent the University of Cambridge at Harvard WorldMUN 2019, and the CUUNA Society aims to participate in more overseas MUN conferences in the near future!


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