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This exciting and popular project intends to give CUUNA and ERC members the opportunity to gain a real insight into the work of the UN through a visit to the UN headquarters in Summer 2021, followed by a trip to Vienna the following year. Yet to be finalised and formalised, the trip will contain trips and talks to organisations and with representatives, as organised and agreed upon by the project Taskforce. Although COVID-19 has massively impacted the possibility to organise such an event, contacts and talks with WFUNA have proved that there remains much potential to realise this project in the future, ensuring that this unique opportunity remains accessible for CUUNA members.


Testimonials from the team

Poppy Wager Leigh
Publicity Team

“Working on this project has been a beacon of hope during these otherwise gloomy times. I have particularly enjoyed raising awareness about the wider benefits of female education amongst my local community. The work of CAMFED is integral to not only giving girls the best chance at life but also ensuring an economically, environmentally and socially sustainable future. I’m looking forward to continuing raising money for this fantastic cause!”

Sam Crooks
Project Lead

“The work of CAMA throughout this pandemic demonstrates the resilience and unstoppable spirit of women fighting towards a better future, not only for themselves but also for their families and communities. Working with such a wonderful team towards a cause that means so much to me has been a major highlight of my second year at university, and I am beyond excited to continue developing the project and raising more money for this incredible organisation.”

Eliza Gurner
Events Team

"As someone who’s previously worked in teaching roles, I was really drawn to CAMFED’s cause and SAFE has been a great way to support other women and girls by passing on the benefits of education that I have had the privilege to enjoy. Education can be such a powerful way to enact all kinds of change and, at times of crisis like this pandemic, the work of organisations like CAMFED is especially crucial in making sure progress is continued." 




The Project Lead of this project is
Sam Crooks

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