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New Committee...!

At our Annual General Meeting on the 28th of February a new executive committee was elected to lead the Cambridge University United Nations Association for the next 12 months!

Presidents: Alexander Eaton, Jasmine Hull

Vice-Presidents Internal: Phoebe McDonnell & Simon Ulvsgaard

Vice-President External: Rakoen Maertens

Junior Treasurer: Zachary Marsh

General Secretary: Emily Wallis

Speakers Officers: Samuel Crooks & Anna Nasibyan

Debates & External Conferences Officers: Peter Mumford, James Combe & Giorgi Melia

Publicity Officer: Tom Williamson

Welfare Officers: Phoebe McDonnell & Samuel Crooks

Campaign Officer: TBC


Also elected at the Annual General Meeting:

CUIMUN 2021 Secretary General: Flora Thurston

CUIMUN 2021 Deputy Secretary General: TBC in the first half of Michaelmas 2020

CUIMUN-HS 2021 Secretary General: Emily Wallis

CUIMUN-HS 2021 Deputy Secretary General: Tom Williamson


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